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How to fail fast and strategies to build resilience quickly with Dr Susan Khan

Monday 20 April, 4pm

An interactive workshop full of practical tips and advice for building resilience in the workplace and in your personal life, with business psychologist Dr Susan Kahn. We will learn about how it’s ok to fail and techniques that will help you bounce back from anything in your professional and personal life.


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Marks & Spencer.

Bounce Back; How to be resilient at work in challenging times


A short but deep dive into the subject of resilience, sharing some big ideas and offering tools, tips and ideas.


Susan kindly agreed to speak to over 120 M&S colleagues about business resilience in the context of business transformation, prior to the global pandemic. When the working world changed drastically, Susan was extremely flexible, adapting her talk to our business’s new needs. In these times, the topic of business (and personal) resilience is at the forefront of minds. Susan was engaging and relatable, tailoring her content to our colleagues. Susan was open to questions using the chat panel on Microsoft Teams, inviting all 130 participants to be part of the conversation. Practical examples from Susan’s own experience (including her own lockdown experience) were used to foster an open environment and to illustrate key messages.


Susan remains calm and collected, making technical issues in front of a large audience seem jovial – demonstrating her content first hand. There was food for thought for all. It was a pleasure working with Susan in the lead up to the event with her professionalism and personable demeanour. Our event was an overwhelming success and we would look forward to welcoming Susan back in the future.


Association of Business Psychologists.

Memento Mori - Remember you will die


Working with loss, grief, and endings in the time of coronavirus


In these remarkable times we are confronted with the subject of death, something that is often considered in hushed tones, ignored or brushed aside.

This crisis has brought the subject of endings to the fore and it will have a profound impact on our personal, work, social and global identities.



An interactive session that will explore:


  • attendees experience of loss and mourning;

  • working with a new normal,

  • isolation and loss of face to face interaction;

  • loss of identity, 

  • responding to change, loss & disruption

  • some exercises in dealing with loss



That was wonderful.  I loved the chat comments and could see many people found it hugely valuable and really interesting.  You were wonderful, your pace is fantastic, your style both extremely professional and informative whilst also being human.  Thank you so much on behalf of all of us for your time and effort in pulling that all together.

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Guardian Masterclass

This online workshop is part of our new, exciting range of digital masterclasses that we are offering. In this live online workshop, you will have the opportunity to engage in real time with our brilliant course tutors, as well as other participants – with additional pre and post-course support from our learning team. 

Work, as in life, is full of satisfying, challenging and rewarding moments. It can bring us support, friendship, understanding, learning and development. But we can also often feel out of our depth, or question our ability to take on challenges, or feel inadequate.

Resilience is essential for us to survive and thrive in the workplace, and in this hands-on masterclass with Dr Susan Kahn, you will learn the key skills for recognising failure, responding to it quickly, and building your capacity to bounce back - and these are skills that can be applied to the workplace and taken beyond the office.

In this class, Susan will take you through some big ideas and show you how to apply those ideas to the minutiae of your personal and professional lives. You will learn about why regret is connected with inaction rather than with something we’ve tried and failed at, as well as how to receive and deliver feedback, and - perhaps most importantly of all - you will come away with an indispensable suite of techniques that will help you look after yourself long after the class has ended.