Working with me

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Consultancy & mediation.

Leaders can feel stuck and challenged, there is an ongoing flow of change and disruption.  I work with organisations to support new ways of thinking and to explore different options. 


Conflict is complex, it is experienced as a threat and can lead to feelings of fear, anger and anxiety.  None of these responses are conducive to productivity and a successful working environment.  Mediation can help by offering those involved in the conflict space to air and work through the problem – shifting perspectives and creating movement leading to resolution.  As a mediator I offer services for the parties at the centre of the conflict, for both individuals and wider teams.


Executive coaching.

I am a Coaching Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society.


I would best be described as a person-centered psychodynamic coach.  This means that I do not offer formulas and prescriptions but believe that the client can be supported to find the solutions within.  To do that it might mean looking in surprising places, early relationships, past experiences at work etc. I usually contract for an initial 6 sessions (each session between 1.5-2 hours).  Online this is usually the shorter time.  I work across sectors and offer clients space to examine their challenges, or desire for change, in a safe and supportive way.  Although I always strive to be kind, I can also be challenging.

As Founder of the MSc in Coaching Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London I teach  students on both the Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology and the MSc in Coaching Psychology.  This academic role offers me a privileged position at the heart of the coaching world participating in research, continually developing my practice and understanding alongside the students who participate in the programme.


Events & facilitation.

I offer keynote presentations and workshops to support the particular needs of your organisation.  I work with you to create interactive and inspiring events that help participants think, become more self-aware and develop.  Bespoke group work and facilitation as a standalone event or part of a regular schedule.

I also offer online seminars and webinars, these can be tailored to meet specific client needs.