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Bounce Back

Success. Innovation. Creativity. Growth. We all want these things at work – but the one thing they have in common is that they involve failure. A fear of failure, or the inability to bounce back and learn from failure, is one of the biggest things that can hold us back in our professional development. So how do we learn how to fail well

and develop our resilience? Wherever we work, and whatever role we deliver, we all have the power to change our thinking and our response to failure. Bounce Back is here to help.

Written by Business Psychologist Dr Susan Kahn, this book will show you how to embrace failure. Failing fast, failing well and learning how to be agile and resilient at work is a vital part of being a successful and innovative leader, approaching opportunities with excitement and creativity and driving forward your personal and professional growth. Packed with practical exercises, inspirational case studies and a useful resilience self-assessment guide, Bounce Back will help you invest in your resilience in a deliberate way and empower you to face risk head-on. From learning how to respond well to critical feedback, to understanding cultural attitudes to failure around the world, it will help you become a stronger, more resilient you.

Death & the City


Death & the City offers a psychoanalytic perspective of death in organisations. It brings fresh insight into Freud’s work on death and applies this thinking to understand contemporary organisational closure and collapse. The book provides an in–depth portrait of an organisation in a palliative state. In this work I transport the concepts of mourning and melancholia and of the death drive into the workplace and bring this important, but under explored, stream of psychoanalytic thought to the fore as a means of interrogating and further understanding organisational life.

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“This book will have a profound impact on those who read it. Not just of coping, but of flourishing. Not just of managing risks, but of unbound creativity.”

Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, VP EMEA, Facebook

"After reading Susan Kahn’s first-rate book, I know I can bounce back.”

Daniel Finkelstein OBE, The Times

An innovative weave of psychoanalytic theory and detailed observation, Death and the City presents a fascinating portrait of a workforce caught in the experience of institutional crisis and failure, at once submitting to and resisting the snares of the death drive.’


Josh Cohen, psychoanalyst (BPAS) and Professor of Literary Theory, Goldsmiths, University of London 

'Death in the City addresses the key present-day taboo which stifles all potential work on the societal and financial quagmire we are all stuck in. Based on thoughtful observation it follows in the footsteps of a group of anthropologists/psychoanalysts to give us a comprehensive picture from a socio-anthropoloical perspective. It is generally accepted that you can't address an issue unless you acknowledge its presence. Kahn exposes the dilemma in a new and innovative way, and thus makes a commendable contribution to addressing societies current woes.'


Anton Obholzer, Emeritus Director Tavistock Centre