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Susan offers coaching supervision to individuals, pairs and small groups of coaches and coaching psychologists.  Susan is registered with the British Psychological Society as a provider of supervision (on the RAPPS register) so those coaches working to chartership can be recognised as having had appropriate professional supervision.

Susan is in love with supervision, for herself and for the clients she feels privileged to work with.  Supervision offers a psychologically safe, transitional space to support the coach as they unpick their client work, to understand their responses and reactions to particular challenges and to potentially guide to other resources.  But supervision is so much more, it is also a space for the coach to explore whatever they wish to bring that will help them to function and be present in their coaching relationships.  In order to untie the knots of our clients we need first to have untangled our own complexities and challenges.  This of course is an ongoing challenge.  Supervision offers a safe space to do this.

Susan also undertakes regular one to one and peer supervision to ensure her practice is ethical, safe and creative.

  • One-to-one supervision lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • Paired supervision 2.5 hours

  • Group supervision 3 hours 

Please get in touch if you wish to have a supervision chemistry call, we can also discuss the cost of supervision and frequency.


 " Very satisfied. This was the first time I had supervision as a group so I was unsure how well it would work. I found the variety of topics that others brought to supervision were as helpful to me as what I brought myself. There was much to be learned from others. 

Supervision with you has no doubt moved me and my business on. There were some unseen ‘gaps’ that I was struggling with when we started to work together in supervision. 

I felt seen by you, and that has enabled me to gain clarity on how I work as a coach. 

I would absolutely recommend Susan as a coach supervisor - she creates a container which is challenging, enlightening, supportive, but perhaps even more importantly encourages change."

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