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For time together as a team, board or a collection of interested stakeholders and individuals the space needs to be structured and contained.

An external facilitator can offer space for all members to fully participate. Allowing the facilitator to manage the process so that thinking can be done, clarity of expectations and outcomes achieved.

As a facilitator Susan can offer an outsider’s perspective with the ability to observe and communicate in a safe and supportive manner.


Facilitation is available for a single meeting, half day or full day events.


Susan is skilled at creating a contained space that allows the psychological safety to address difficult issues. Team building is not always about fixing, it can also be a way to celebrate and develop teams.


Using the creative process, the power of observation and deep listening team building events can be tailored to make the most of your team.  


From a few hours to a few days, a one off or a regular event thoughtful, creative and enlightening team building is on offer.


Susan's approach to mediation is to work with individuals involved in a dispute or difficult relationship in the workplace, gently and safely, to use this assisted process to improve their working relationships with the aim of a productive work outcome.

Her aim is to provide an opportunity for the people concerned in a conflict to communicate with each other in a private, safe and secure environment, whilst treating all parties fairly.


Susan will speak to the parties separately beforehand to establish some background information and to clarify their willingness to take part and seek solutions.  This conversation usually takes place over the telephone.


There are a variety of mediation methods that might be appropriate, and these will be discussed with you at the time.  For example, individuals may work with the mediator separately before a shared meeting and breaks for reflection can always be arranged.


The duration of mediation sessions varies depending upon the complexity of detail.  Typically, each party would meet individually with the mediator in the morning and the actual mediation, with all parties involved, would take place in the afternoon.


Further sessions can be arranged if appropriate.  Sometimes this can be helpful to support changes that the parties wish to make to their relationship.


Mediators are neutral and do not take sides. Their role is to facilitate communication between the parties concerned and to manage the process sensitively and professionally.  Confidentiality is fundamental and boundaries will be agreed.


The strength of your business is your relationships - external and internal. As a guide to business relationship intelligence Susan will support you to deliver your organisation's priorities.


Susan's forte is being able to apply fundamental shifts in thinking with a supportive, empathetic and agile approach to ensure real and permanent change.

As a Chartered Business Psychologist Susan knows the importance of being able to add value for her clients at every step of the project, not just being focused on the end result. She is not afraid to speak to the truth - she will be kind but challenging.

Encouraging leaders to be reflective and for teams to recognise vulnerability as well as strengths Susan will guide and support you.

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