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Fundamental change takes time.

  • Choose from 3, 6, or 9 coaching sessions packages

  • One-to-one private & confidential

  • Evidence-based psychological coaching techniques

  • Goal setting with a difference

  • Tailored takeaways and learning between sessions








Wherever you are based in the world, scheduled sessions can go ahead regardless of being in different time zones.

  • Face-to-face sessions, non-verbal communication is as important as words.

  • Virtual sessions, with internet connectivity location isn't an issue.

  • Recordings of every coaching session to keep and playback

  • Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions

  • Follow-up sessions available




As a registered Chartered Psychologist, Susan provides access to

  • Specialist knowledge to help you get to know yourself better

  • In-depth analysis and coaching feedback, for a deeper insight into how your personality reveals itself at work, and in turn all relationships.

  • Discover your key motivators, your core values and your signature strengths

  • Developing your business and emotional intelligence to enhance your relationships 

many path rivers



Coaching is a partnership, albeit one where the client is the focus of attention and development.  


However, the work will evolve in this relationship, in the safe space that is created in the coaching alliance.

Susan is best described as a person-centered psychodynamic coach.  This means that she does not offer formulas and prescriptions but believes that the client can be supported to find the solutions within.  To do that it might mean looking in surprising places, early relationships, past experiences at work, etc.


Susan works across all sectors and offers clients space to examine their challenges, or desire for change, in a safe and supportive way. Susan provides a strong framework to provide challenge hand in hand with kindness during the process. Clients become self-confident, impactful, and engaging.

Susan's track record of working with FTSE 100 companies, Chief Executives, Board Members, Senior Management, and Entrepreneurs makes her the perfect fit to lead the way in providing bespoke, first-class executive coaching.

As Founder of the MSc in Coaching Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London, Susan instructs students on both the Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology and the MSc in Coaching Psychology.  This academic role offers a privileged position at the heart of the coaching world participating in research, continually developing her practice, and understanding alongside the students who participate in the programme.

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