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Dr Susan Kahn has lectured across the country and internationally, in universities, business schools and corporate companies ranging from Financial Services to FMCG.


She speaks on business psychology, resilience, failure, emotional intelligence & reflective leadership.


Known for her engaging and insightful talks, Susan's audiences learn how to become recognised for the leaders they are and leave the room feeling empowered to take action and make an impact.

For more information on Susan speaking at your event such as fees and logistics please get in touch or fill in the contact form below

Below are sample topics; please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to schedule a talk or discuss a customized presentation.

Click here see a list of her upcoming and past workshops and courses.



Here are a selection of the topics Susan speaks on, she is able to tailor a talk to your specific need, please get in touch if there is a subject that is of interest and not featured.  


  • Mourning & Melancholia, dealing with loss at work

  • Working below the surface, what it means to bring the unconscious into work

  • Envy - the emotion that dare not speak its name

  • Long Resilience - how to bounce back after sustained change and disruption

  • Collaboration - the value of we

  • Stop the Clock - the value of time to think at work

  • How to Listen

  • Psychological Safety - why this matters

  • Boundaries & Defences - how to understand each other

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